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Going beyond digital photos

Once we have captured your wedding in the form of photographs, you will need a beautiful way to display them. This is why we have worked with print labs across the globe to bring you the very best in printed products.


These photos are from my (Sharyar) childhood where my mom and dad are holding me as a baby. They are some of my most precious possessions. They are simple 5×7 prints but the memory the picture hold is worth so much to me:

“the generation of lost photographs”

We are the most photographed generation. Most of our photos are digital. Most of these photos are lost or deleted since they only exist as digital data and never printed.

How many times have you lost an important moment because your phone didn’t have enough space? A printed photo, on the other hand, is a lot more sturdy than a digital photo. Also, it looks really nice when printed on the right products!

Our studio offers printed products that range from classic canvases to metal prints. It also offers handcrafted albums that look amazing as heirloom pieces to display your wedding photos. These prints and albums are designed to withstand the test of time and will endure across generations. You will get a chance to see sample prints and albums when you come to my studio.

Displaying your favorite moments from your wedding day is such an important task! Thus, we have created this guide to help you make the decision on what products will suit you and your house well. Here are some categories of printed products that my studio offers.

Majestic Series Wedding Album

The Majestic series wedding album is our premium heirloom printed product. It showcases your wedding photos in the best way possible! The album is handmade in Italy by master craftsmen whose dedication to their craft shines through the quality and beauty of the album. It comes included in our Heirloom wedding collection and is an amazing way to preserve and view your wedding day memories. The album comes in a variety of covers ranging from metal to leather to suede. It is a lay flat album with thick pages. The paper and type of printing can be customized to suit your wedding and the look that you would like. As an add-on, client’s can get a smaller copy of the album (Parent Album) to provide as a gift to family members.

Cover Choices

The Majestic Series album comes in a variety of cover choices that range in materials and colors. This allows you to customize the album with your favorite colors and materials. In addition to the cover, you can also create an album that uses different materials for the spine and back to give the album a unique look.

Lay Flat Binding

One amazing feature of the album is the patented lay-flat binding. This ensures that your photo can be spread across two pages without having to worry about the seam in the middle. Imagine a beautiful portrait of you and your partner printed across two pages.

Elegant Series Wedding Album

The Elegant series wedding album is our innovative middle album that looks stunning but is also suitable for the minimalist in you. It comes in two sizes (12×8 or 13×9.5). The album is made in Italy as well by the same craftsmen as the Majestic Series Album. It is printed on high-grade photo paper and then laminated to protect the photos. This ensures that your wedding photos are safe for generations to come. The album comes with 30 pages and a variety of covers including maple, Touch, line and leatherette materials. The album can be upgraded to include crystal glance cover as well.

Cover Choices

Like the Majestic series album, The elegant series album also comes with the patented lay-flat binding. This ensures your photos look amazing even on the seam of the book!

Lay Flat Binding

The cover choices for the elegant series album include Maple, Touch, Leatherette, Linen, Neon and Custom Colored Laminated Paper. You can also upgrade the cover to a crystal glance cover.

Demure Series Wedding Album

The Demure series album is the simplest and cutest in the family of albums! It is a versatile album that is often used for photos from the engagement session. We also use the same line of the album for some our family sessions as well. The album comes in two sizes of 8×8 and 10×10. Our Heirloom collection comes with an 8×8 Demure Series Engagement Album while our Essential Wedding collection includes a 10×10 Demure Series Wedding Album.

Cover Choices

Our Demure series album comes with a custom hardcover. This allows us to print your favorite photo on the cover of the album.

Lay Flat Binding

By default, the demure series album comes with 20 pages but can be upgraded to unlimited* pages. This means that you can have every image from your engagement session in the album without having to worry about paying for one page at a time!

*Unlimited pages are capped at 120 pages due to manufacturers specifications.

The Family Book

The Family Book is one of our newer lines of albums. It is made by the same Italian craftsmen that create the wedding album. It is a unique product due to its blend of simplicity and style. The Family Book as the name suggests is ideal for family sessions. The book comes with a display box that has a front made out of transparent plexiglass. This ensures that the custom cover of the album is visible. It is often set on shelves as the album looks like a beautiful photo since the cover is visible through the plexiglass.

Custom Design

You get to dictate every aspect of the album design including colors, materials for the cover, the design of the box and event the ribbon that goes inside the box!

Lightweight & Beautiful

The Family book is lightweight but well made! It is a versatile album that can be used for anything from family photos to baby photos. It looks stunning either as a display product on your shelf or as a storybook of your family’s memories!