The little things make a big difference…

You’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest, months of decision making, and now it’s time to appreciate the little details that have made a big difference in your day. Our goal is to capture the full scope of your wedding day with as much attention as you’ve put into it yourself. Years from now when you look back on your memories, it’ll be like stepping back in time so you can relive your special day again and again

Here is a small gallery of our favorite detail photos:

Love Stories…

Below are some of the love stories we have photographed for our adorable clients:

“Brilliant at what he does, very friendly, easy to work with and tons of FUN!”


“My experience with Box Cube Photography was extremely positive. I highly recommend their photography and services as they were efficient, able to improvise and exceptionally enjoyable. I received the deliverables ahead of schedule yet the quality was phenomenal. I will surely return to use your services again; thank you!”


“Showed lots of professionalism, and was really able to capture the essence of the Johann Strauss Ball- truly felt like I was looking at pictures from another century. Great job and keep up the good work!”

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