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My name is Sharyar and I am the founder (head photographer/dreamer) of Box Cube Photography Studio. I strive to provide the very best in storytelling experience for your special day. My adventure and passion for photography started early in my life and has been my skill and my blessing as life took me to its many magical places and moments. This blessing has enabled me to capture the fleeting moments in stills and showcase the beauty of people, places, and events around me from different angles and perspectives.

“My wife and I are so glad that we chose Sharyar as our wedding photographer! We both don’t like getting our pictures taken, but he made things fun and light-hearted! It was truly was more fun than we thought it would be. Having our engagement photos done was definitely the way to go to get comfortable in front of the camera, and we looked forward to hanging out with Sharyar on our wedding day!! He’s got the talent and the passion to give anyone an awesome experience! We 100% recommend him!!”

–Steve & Nicole D.

My Goal

My goal is to capture your love, the laughter of your partner, the giggles of your children and the story of your life in the form of color and light. I create windows to the past and frames of the present so that when you look back at your wedding photos in the future, you will feel a warm fuzzy feeling of happy memories pictured just the way you wanted them.

Imagine yourself, 30 years from now surrounded by your loved ones… You are flipping through your wedding album -reminiscing and retelling the story of your amazing wedding day. Tears of joy fill your eyes as your grandchildren tell you how beautiful you are, and marvel at your wedding memories. – This. This is my purpose.

“Enthusiastic and passionate about photography. Sharyar was our wedding photographer and he did a lovely job! Works hard to make sure you are happy.”

–Agnes E.


I put my heart into every image I create so that it brings my onlooking clients joy for years to come! One thing that absolutely stands out about me is the Same Day Reception Slideshows that I do for my clients. The slideshow is a combination of 100 or so photos from your wedding day that is prepared during the reception. I bring along a screen and a projector with me, so you can enjoy a preview of your wedding day photos with your guests during your reception! 

I think of my lens as my superpower of freezing memories in time that endure across generations. I take the utmost care to tell your love story and the tale of your wedding in the most genuine manner possible. As your photographer, I will spend some of the most important moments of your life with you, some of these moments will include your wedding day, your child’s baby photos and your family photos.

“Sharyar is THE MOST talented and professional photographer I have ever encountered. He is so patient and his passion for photography really translates through his work. I definitely recommend him to anyone for any photography (or event planning if he desires!) needs.”

–Meera P.


I am committed to creating a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you during your wedding. To do that, I usually meet you for a coffee and go over your wedding day schedule and your venue. I also call you 3 months and 1 month before the wedding to confirm and make any last-minute changes to the schedule.

 I also include complimentary engagement sessions with each of my wedding collection. This helps you get comfortable in front of the camera in a relaxed environment and also get to know me. We are also able to create some amazing photographs of you that you can then use for a guest signing book. Every one of the couples I have worked with says that the engagement session makes the wedding day go smoother.

“Brilliant at what he does, very friendly, easy to work with and tons of FUN!”

–Jawaad R.


No, I am not talking about what I wear… I am talking about the images that you will get in your final wedding album and the design of the wedding album itself! Here is what you should consider? Do any of the images in the slideshow above or in the blog speak to your heart? Do you see them and imagine yourself in those images? Well, then we are a match made in heaven. Every photographer brings his or her own style of photography and post-processing. This influences the final images that you receive. My style of photography is a combination of lifestyle and documentary wedding photography with a romantic flair. I love telling wedding stories through pictures and this documentary storytelling style is very appreciated by my clientele. 


On the surface, photography may appear simple; turn up, snap some photos, done! In reality, it is not. I take the time to meet you many times before the wedding or engagement session. This ensures that I can create photographs of you that tell your story in the best way possible.

As part of my commitment to you, I do several preparatory steps before and after your wedding:

  1. I bring multiple sets of equipment to your wedding just in case.
  2. My second photographers also bring a second set of equipment just in case.
  3. If you are looking for other vendors, I recommend other great vendors to you so you can have the most amazing wedding day!
  4. I coordinate with these vendors to create the best possible experience for your wedding day.
  5. After your wedding, I don’t get to sleep until your photos are backed up to multiple hard drives. Your photos are always backed up to ensure their safety.

These are just 5 steps from the hundreds we take to create the most amazing experience for your wedding day.


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