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Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to Box Cube Studios, the cozy little corner where love stories get a visual heartbeat. I’m Sharyar, the one who is writing this. Beside me is Rafsan, our lead videographer, the wizard who turns moments into timeless tales with a dash of visual magic.

You’ve landed here in search of a videographer, and we’re overjoyed that your path has led to us. Before we jump into why we might be the right fit for you, let’s take a little detour into who we are.

  • Rafsan, a gaming enthusiast fueled by the enchanting worlds of Red Dead Redemption and Witcher 3, and a hearty laugher at the quirks of The Office, has been painting emotions through his lens for over five years. His take on wedding videography is all about blending the elegance of the day with a sprinkle of timeless charm. He aims to tell your love story in a way that keeps the laughter and tears just as real, even as years roll by. Rafsan doesn’t just capture scenes; he catches the flutter of emotions, the grand, the gentle, and all the whimsical moments in between. So, when you choose us, you’re not just getting a videographer; you’re inviting a storyteller, a memory keeper, and a friend who’s just as thrilled about your big day as you are.
  • Now, swinging the spotlight to me, I’m your photographer at Box Cube Studios, a Harry Potter zealot and a joystick warrior in the digital realms. Oh, and if you’re dreaming of a Harry Potter-themed wedding, my excitement just hit the roof! I cherish the genuine reactions of the bride & groom as they relive their day through our same-day reception slideshow – and yes, those heartfelt tears as you watch your wedding moments are something I look forward to.

We know you want your day to stand out, to resonate with who you are. At Box Cube Studios, we’re all in to bring that vision to life. Your love story is as unique as a fingerprint, and we are here to etch it in visuals with all the colors and emotions it holds. So welcome aboard, let’s turn pages, and let’s make your day an unforgettable story together!

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You only do it once. Let’s do it right.

I understand choosing the right wedding videographer can seem like walking into a fog – especially when you have so many other choices to make. This is why we make the process so simple, easy and enjoyable.

Planning your wedding timeline.

Recommendations for video locations.

Help with posing and directions.

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at The Whitewood Barn, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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What our clients say


wedding at art gallery of alberta

Gordon M

“From day one Box Cube/Sharyar was professional and told us that he was there to help. We met with a total of 23 photographers and videographers and when we decided on Box Cube we didn’t really know what they meant by “I’m here to help you”. Box Cube got us in front of a camera too feel a bit more comfortable and to learn about the style and pictures we liked. They also assisted with our search for makeup artist, hair dressers, location ideas, formal combinations, etc. Box Cube/Sharyar was like a mini wedding assistant. As the day came closer the support increased up to the day (they didn’t just take a deposit and disappear). They were again professional and helped us overcome “hiccups” and ensured they got all the photos we wanted. They caught every moment throughout the day (don’t think they even ate or took a break ….sorry). I’m not sure what happened but at some point my wedding party grew by 1. Somehow Box Cube/Sharyar was taking photos doing his thing but was still checking in to make sure I didn’t need anything. You would think when he checked in it was about photography right? NOPE, I knew my bridal party grew when Sharyar came over (me thinking there is a problem) just to ask if we need water or a drink and said “we are having a great time”. We were presented a reception slide show which was amazing. Finally when our photos were done we received another slide show that we are going to watch forever. The photo albums, canvas prints, etc are worthy of a museum. Absolutely there are the Costcos, London Drugs, etc but if you want quality save your efforts and save your memories with Box Cube. I’m not an art person by far but if I can notice a difference… Thank You Box Cube and I can’t wait to be able to work with you guys for family photos.”

Kate F

Sharyar was awesome. He was professional, responsive, timely, and (importantly) took amazing photos for our wedding. He made two people who don’t know how to pose look and feel more natural! I recommend Sharyar and Box Cube for your engagement and wedding photos 🙂

Maha S

Hired Sharyar again for our reception. Each and every single picture turned out amazing and I was in tears while going through the album because Sharyar was able to capture every special moment possible at our event. So many candid moments I honestly don’t know how he was able to get all of them! I truly believe that no one else would have been able to do what Sharyar did. He’s super friendly and easy to work with and will always go over and above to make sure your event is captured exactly the way you want. Will definitely recommend him to all my family and friends!

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Videos you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Here are a few examples of my wedding and engagement videos!

Why us?

What makes box cube Studios so different?

At Box Cube Studios, we believe every wedding has a unique story waiting to be told. We don’t just film events; we capture the beautiful journey of love that brings two people together in a heartfelt and genuine way. Our team doesn’t just stand behind the camera; we dive into the little moments, the unspoken emotions, and the joy that fills the air. We’re more than just videographers. We are storytellers passionate about creating wedding videos that are as unique and special as the love shared between the couple.

What sets us apart is our complete dedication to what we do. While many just focus on getting the job done, we invest our hearts into making sure every detail from the early planning to the final edit is perfect. We take the time to know the couples, understand their story, and tailor our services to suit their unique needs. We use simple yet effective techniques to capture the essence of your big day, ensuring nothing is missed. With Box Cube Studios, you’re not just getting a videographer; you’re getting a friend, a supporter and a team dedicated to turning your wedding day into a beautiful story that can be relived for years to come.

Here are just a few things we do prior to the wedding that ensure everything is perfect:

  • Build a thorough timeline with you 2 months prior to the wedding.
  • Bring multiple sets of backup equipment with us to the wedding.
  • Dedicated network of vendors that you can utilize.
  •  We Only take on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure quality remains top-notch.
  • One Wedding per day! This way, if things are running behind and you need more time. We are there!
wedding at windermere golf and country club

Our Process

From start to finish


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Know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for your wedding day and your videography. We provide all the info you need! 


Just be yourself & enjoy the day!

Enjoy your day and we will take care of the rest. Our planning and detail oriented approach ensures this! 

We give you one promise.

30 years from now, when you are looking at your wedding day video, reminiscing and retelling the story of your amazing wedding day, tears of joy will fill your eyes as your grandchildren tell you how beautiful you are, and marvel at your wedding memories. You will love your wedding video as much as you did the first time you saw it.

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Timeless, Elegant Wedding Videos

At Box Cube Photography, we take pride in our reputation as a distinguished Calgary Wedding Videographer, offering a suite of services tailored to capture the essence of your special day. Our commitment is to provide an unparalleled experience, ensuring every heartfelt moment is immortalized through our lenses.


Our Services

Our team crafts cinematic highlight reels that encapsulate the essence of your wedding day. These short films are perfect for sharing with family and friends, providing a glimpse into the love and joy that defined your celebration. As a leading Calgary Wedding Videographer, we understand the importance of these moments and strive to create reels that are not just watched, but felt.

For those who wish to relive every moment, our full-length wedding films provide a comprehensive and detailed recount of your day. From the heartfelt vows to the laughter-filled speeches, we ensure every significant moment is captured and woven into a beautiful narrative. Trust in us, your Calgary Wedding Videographer, to create a film that you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime.

Elevate your wedding film with breathtaking aerial shots of your venue and celebration. As a Calgary Wedding Videographer, we offer drone videography services, capturing stunning perspectives and landscapes that add an extra layer of grandeur to your wedding film.

Understanding that every couple is unique, we offer personalized videography packages to suit your specific needs and preferences. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that our services align perfectly with your expectations. Choose Box Cube Photography, your trusted Calgary Wedding Videographer, for a personalized and memorable experience.

Calgary Wedding videographer taking a wedding video in the Mountains near Calgary