Edmonton Wedding Dj // Featured Vendor – Fazman Patel – Str84ward Entertainment

Edmonton Wedding DJ // Featured Vendor – Fazman Patel of Str84ward Entertainment

When people constantly talk about someone and praise someone, you get curious. This is exactly what happened in Fazman’s case! I kept hearing from brides in Edmonton on how amazing a job he had done as their Edmonton wedding DJ. In my never ending quest to bring my clients the best wedding experience, I decided Fazman and Str84ward entertainment should be a part of my vendor referrals.

Fazman Patel, Edmonton's Wedding DJ. Portrait taken by Edmonton Wedding Photographer, Box Cube Photography

Here is the interview and the chat we had:

How did you get started?

It was at the age of 16 when I started buying vinyl’s because of all the different mixes on them, but also then my friends couldn’t borrow them since everyone had cd player walkmans. I would listen to them on a regular turntable my parents had.  At that time my uncle was a DJ and I would play around on his Technic 1200’s.  Wasn’t until 1996 when I attended my first New Years Eve party at the Howard Johnson hotel in downtown and seen this DJ by the name of Lady V performing on turntables.  Was totally blown away by her skills and thought to myself I can do that.  The following year, I thought to myself why not throw a New Year’s Eve since I had been practicing on my uncle’s turntables and I’ll DJ my own party.  Decided to rent all my gear from Axe music and roughly one month before the party, they were all booked up.  So my dad decided to spend $12,000 as early Xmas gift and bought me the whole road show which included two Technic 1200’s with coffin boxes.  Sold out my party of 120ppl at Best Western Hotel on Gateway Blvd & 51 Ave and went live on my turntables.  Maybe 3yrs later switched over to the Pioneer CDJ 500’s and then over to CDJ 100’s.  Thanks to DJ Alize teaching me how to use Serato and a DJ Controller, I’ve since 2015 been using a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and has made everything easier.

Tell me about your favorite wedding last season.

Honestly, they all are my favorites, but there are two that really stand out. The first when was a couple who lost everything during the Fort McMurray fire in May of 2016. I got a call from Stephanie Howie (partner of Forever Chanting Wedding & Event Planning) explaining what happened to the couple and if I’d help her out by donating my services for the Ceremony/Reception at The Matrix Hotel. Basically was only 4 weeks away from when Stephanie called and lot’s of planning had to be done. Did not get to meet Bride/Groom or sit down for a consultation, just had to tell Stephanie everything I needed from the couple to work on their playlist but just fly off the seat of my pants. When June 17th, 2016 rolled around for the wedding, the venue looked incredible and everything went according to plan. It had brought me to tears knowing that some of the top vendors in the city offered their services/time to make a couple’s dream come true. And if it wasn’t for Stephanie asking, I would have never been part of a great memory or accomplishment.

The second wedding that stands out for me was Christina & Scott Kruse’s wedding reception. Their wedding was unique because I had to play Spanish, Reggaeton and Reggae music for the dance portion, which never had to do before and I was scared. With them giving me roughly 30 of their favorite songs they liked, I had to add more to the playlist. Let’s put it this way when you have nothing less than 50ppl on the dance floor all night long and can make grandparents dance, you know you’ve done an amazing job. Every single person at the end of the night came over and thanked me for the wonderful music, but for letting them dance the night away.

I actually canceled my Chicago trip that I had planned for 6 months to attend my old bosses wedding.

How far out should a bride pay a deposit to secure your services for her wedding day?

Anywhere from 9 months to 12 months.

What is included when a couple books your services for their wedding?

Music is by far the most important element of any celebration. I have 21 years of experience and have mastered multiple genres of music including, but not limited to, Top 40, Country, Rock, Hip-Hop & Rn’B, Old School Jams, 80’s, Dance, Bollywood, and Bhangra. The years of experience and the extensive music knowledge that exists ensures that every one of our clients and guests will leave the event with an experience second to none.

Excellence in the delivery of our services is reflected through the emphasis we place on professionalism and customer service. We want to be known for being the most professional entertainment vendor and that’s why we take the extra steps for our clients. Our excellence is reflected through our punctuality, rapid correspondence, professional attire, and constant focus on maintaining positive relationships with both clients and guests before, during, and after each event.

Our passion for the craft radiates through our performances, and our fundamental values guarantee that our music, innovation, and excellence in entertainment service delivery will be legendary.

How do you help couples customize their wedding?

When brides/grooms sit down for a free consultation, I run them through a fake timeline to let them see how the evening will go.  A lot of people just think “Hey I just got to book a DJ” and that’s it, but so much more that goes into it.  You want to pick out the right music for the couples cocktails/dinner portion, which suits their taste. See for dinner if they want to get guest involved by playing different types of game to go up for dinner.  What to do for a dance or not to do.  Couples already have enough on their plate with planning everything, but when they come see me I want to make them relaxed and easy as possible.

What is one interesting fact about your services?

I’m willing to go above and beyond exceptions for my customers. By being honest and taking the extra time to listen to their needs.  When you have a fun personality and approachable, customers love that quality too.

What do you have planned for the future?

Wanting to add some top caliber DJ’s under my services later on.

Do you accommodate song requests by guests?

Yes requesting songs from guest are always welcome unless the Bride/Groom say no to request.

What makes your services unique?

Get to do an in-house consultation.  If a customer books me or not, I love to educating them about DJ’n and what all is involved.

How long has this business been a part of the community?

21 Years

Who would be the best person to contact if a couple wants to book your services?

Fazman Patel   //   fazmanpatel@yahoo.ca

Here is a photo of him being himself as I conducted a small interview with him:

Fazman Patel, Edmonton's Wedding DJ. Portrait taken by Edmonton Wedding Photographer, Box Cube Photography

Event details:

Event Type: Vendor Interview for Wedding DJ in Edmonton
Event Date: 21st February 2017
Event Location: Edmonton
Collaboration: https://www.facebook.com/str84wardentertainment/
Photographer: Sharyar Memon of Box Cube Photography

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