Zac & Mary’s Engagement Session // Edmonton Engagement Photographers // Whyte Avenue

Zac + Mary // Whyte Avenue Engagement Photos // Edmonton

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Their Story!

Theirs is a simple yet beautiful story! They met each other 4 years ago under the sunny skies of Vancouver, BC. The groom’s aunt was the bride’s friend and she thought they would be an amazing couple. She, therefore, decided to intervene and connected these two love birds! Simple right?

After meeting each other, they decided there was merit to the Aunt’s claim and started dating. As they say, the rest is history! They are marrying each other very soon and their wedding will be a small intimate wedding filled with loved ones!


I photographed Zac & Mary at a variety of locations that they had chosen based on my recommendations. They wanted an urban and a nature themed engagement session. I suggested we use Whyte Avenue as the location for the Urban part of the session and the William Hawerlak Park for the nature part of the session. This turned out to be a fantastic decision as it was not too cold that day and we had not yet lost all of the greens in the park!

We certainly got some weird looks shooting in the middle of the street but the photos were completely worth it! We used the Princess Theater as a backdrop as well since the huge sign above the theater looked really cool!

Hair & Makeup

As our commitment to our clients and their wedding day, we provide a complementary engagement session with every one of our wedding packages. The engagement sessions come bundled with complementary hair and makeup as well! This ensures that the brides we work with feel amazing during their engagement session and also get a free hair and makeup trial for their wedding! They can choose to use the same hair and makeup artist if they enjoyed the experience 🙂

Event Details:
Type: Engagement Session at Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
Date: 26th October 2016
Location 1: Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Location 2: William Hawerlak Park, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Photographer: Sharyar Memon of Box Cube Photography (Edmonton Engagement Photographer)
Hair & Makeup: Krystle Ash with Beauty With Soul

Box Cube Photography provides Edmonton brides with an amazing wedding photography experience accompanied by heirloom quality photographs that they cherish and love for their entire lives. This is part of our mission as Edmonton’s Premium Wedding Photographers

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