The Mah’s Wedding at Art Gallery of Alberta

The Mah’s Wedding at Art Gallery of Alberta

“I swear when our lips touch, I can taste the next sixty years of my life” -Anonymous

The Wedding Slideshow

Above is the beautiful Wedding Slideshow that came with Rhonda and Gordon’s wedding. It was created from a selection of photos that tell the story of the couple’s wedding day.

Gordon Getting Ready

Our day began at Gordon’s house, amongst friends and with some truly delicious coffee (much called for at 6 am in the morning!). Gordon was surrounded by groomsmen and made use of his much cherished coffee maker for a wake up call. The young men were a striking sight in their blue coats ready to support their friend on his special day. The color combo of classic blue and grey added a nice contrast to the pictures and a coffee toast ended the dress up session.

Rhonda Getting Ready

Rhonda was to be found at her parent’s place preparing for the big day and she chose the traditional red dress for the first half of the day. She looked stunning!
The groom had to pay his dues to see the lovely bride. According to chinese tradition, the groom must earn the first sight. At the door, the men found their way blocked by determined bridesmaids refusing to “surrender” the bride.While they negotiated they enjoyed some lemonade, chicken and after sufficient hong bao, the groom was let in.

Rhonda was escorted by her dad and she along with Gordon then took part in the tea ceremony. Both served tea to the bride’s parents as an expression of respect. They did the same at the groom’s house where Gordon’s dad impressed with his culinary skills and the family enjoyed a lovely meal together before the ceremony.


For a love like art, what better place to exhibit than the gallery?
The ceremony took place in The Theatre at the Alberta Art Gallery. Simple and elegant, it made for the perfect setting to enjoy traditional games and cherished moments with loved ones. The wedding involved a really fun game with shoes and a competition between the bride and groom. Both had to answer questions about each other and the crowd had a really good time!
It was a beautiful ceremony and the love was everywhere. We were just glad we caught some on camera!


The location is as unique as the couple themselves. With its long windows and outstanding architecture, we were able to get some truly special photos. We also took some gorgeous shots on the roof of the gallery, with perfect lightning and the right weather, they turned out stunning! Talk about putting the love on top!


The reception was held in a cute, family style restaurant. It was intimate, simple and just perfect. There the couple wowed everyone with the classic ‘I Do’ by 98 degrees in a sweet first dance. The father daughter dance left everyone in tears (the good kind!). A small cake cutting ceremony followed, adding just the right sweetness to the day and a final dance wrapped up the ceremony perfectly.

It was amazing to work with Rhonda and Gordon on their wedding day and we are honored to have been a part of their story! You can check out the rest of our work on our blog.

Edmonton Wedding Photography by Box Cube Photography © 2019

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Edmonton Wedding Photography by Box Cube Photography © 2017

The Mah Wedding Vendors & Info

Date: 18.08.18
Location: Alberta Art Gallery
Photography by Sharyar Memon of Box Cube Photography
Ceremony Venue: Alberta Art Gallery
Reception Venue: Beijing Beijing Restaurant
Officiant: Howard Sanders
Flowers: Hypnotic Bloom


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