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Kate and Greg’s Wedding at Whitewood Barn, Edmonton

Capturing the Beauty of Love: The Wedding of Kate Faulder and Gregory Fick

Summer Wedding at the Whitewood Barn, Edmonton

Love is not about how many days, months, or years you have been together. Love is about how much you love each other every single day.” – Unknown

Photography isn’t just about capturing moments; it’s about capturing emotions, relationships, and stories. On August 6, 2023, at The Whitewood Barn in Edmonton, I had the honor of capturing the most beautiful story of all – love.

From Med School to “I Do”

It was around seven years ago that Kate and Gregory’s paths first intertwined. Meeting in the bustling hallways of med school, surrounded by books, stethoscopes, and the constant pressure to excel, it was unlikely that love would blossom. But as they say, fate always has its own plans.

Initially starting as friends, their bond grew deeper with each passing day. And while Kat was then seeing someone else, the universe seemed to have different plans for the two of them. It’s fascinating to think about the countless moments and conversations that led them to that fateful day when Kat mustered up the courage to question the nature of their relationship. She approached Gregory, looking past their years of friendship, and seeing something more profound.

The Whitewood Barn: A Fairytale Venue

Their chosen venue, The Whitewood Barn in Edmonton, was nothing short of magical. With its rustic charm and serene environment, it played the perfect backdrop to their new beginning. The wood’s natural glow and the serene ambiance added to the romantic atmosphere, making each photo I took that day even more special.

Throughout the ceremony and the reception, the barn was filled with laughter, happy tears, and countless memories being created. And as their wedding photographer, every click of my camera seemed to echo the rhythm of their love story.

A Glimpse into Their Special Day

To see more moments from Kate and Gregory’s special day, and to view other love stories that I’ve had the pleasure to capture, visit my website at

In conclusion, love often moves in mysterious ways. For Kate and Gregory, what started as a simple friendship in med school turned into a lifelong commitment to be by each other’s side. Their story reminds us that love can sprout in the most unexpected places. To Kate and Gregory – here’s to your beautiful journey ahead, and thank you for letting me be a small part of your big day.

Online Gallery

An online gallery of all their images is available for the next 90 days. From the online gallery you are able to favourite images, order prints and share the gallery with your family and friends. The gallery can be accessed via the link below and you can contact the couple directly for their secure password.

It was amazing to work with BRIDE & GROOM on their wedding day and we are honored to have been a part of their story! You can check out the rest of our work on our blog.

Edmonton Wedding Photography by Box Cube Photography © 2019

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Edmonton Wedding Photography by Box Cube Photography © 2019

The Couple’s Wedding Vendors & Info

Date: Aug, 06, 20203
Location: The Whitewood Barn, Edmonton, AB
Photography by Sharyar Memon and Melissa Bodnar of Box Cube Photography
Ceremony Venue: Whitewood Barn
Reception Venue: Whitewood Barn
Officiant: Ken McIntyre with Marry Us
Wedding Planner: Stacey Vyse with First Blush
Dress: Novelle Bridal
Makeup and Hair: Blush Artistry
Cake: Nicole Carstairs

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