Top 10 Edmonton Engagement Photography Locations // Edmonton, AB

Top 10 Edmonton Engagement Photography Locations // Edmonton, AB

Congratulations on your recent engagement! In preparation for the wedding and everything in between, you have quite the “to-do” list. What’s the first step? Perhaps your engagement photo shoot should be at the top. Finding a good spot to capture your happiness for what is to come is not always easy, but here is a great place to start. Here are the 10 best Edmonton engagement photography locations for you two to choose from:

Fort Edmonton Park

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At Fort Edmonton Park, you are able to immerse yourself in a world of vintage attractions and unique entertainment. Your engagement photos with your fiancé can have an expansive variety of themes here. For photo shoots, you are granted after-hours access to all areas within the park in the evening for a moderate price. I took Elissa and Shawn’s Edmonton engagement photography here and you can see for yourself what the area looks like.

El Cortez Restaurant

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When you think of a place for your Edmonton engagement photography session location, you may not think about restaurants being the excellent locations they are. These shoots are often more intimate and set apart from others. I shot a couple at El Cortez Restaurant (and if you want to check out the result, click here!) Donned in trendy local art with an eclectic energy, I suggest a place like this.

Muttart Conservatory

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One of the most special locations, Muttart Conservatory contains four different indoor botanical gardens found inside of glass pyramids. This makes a stunning scene any time of the year. Its’ indoor waterways, bridges and spectacular greenery and gardens will always provide the perfect places to pose you and your fiancé. But: make sure you book far in advance– it is a popular spot that fills up quickly!

William Hawrelak Park

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Clearly, a park will almost always provide a fantastic place to shoot your Edmonton engagement photography. This is mostly because of the variety of scenery, lighting and freedom to move around. William Hawrelak Park has several backdrops to choose from. These include a lake, a playground (for the young-at-heart couples!) and winding trails surrounded by stunning foliage. Check out this shoot I did of a couple’s engagement photos at this park!

Louise McKinney Park

I shot Mona and Justin’s engagement photography here and enjoyed the location tremendously. The Louise McKinney Park has so many features that make it totally unique and special. Some of the main attractions include a breathtaking Chinese garden (for a more oriental feel), the “World Walk” (giving a horticultural aesthetic), the “Millennium Plaza/Shumka Stage” (a grand stage with brilliant architecture) and many more options. Of all the places, this park has the most variety in options as far as themes for shoots go!
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So, first step in picking an engagement shoot location is decide what theme/feel/style you and your fiancé are interested. Follow this list of places to choose from and do a little more in-depth research on the place you do decide upon.
When you’re reading to book your Edmonton engagement photography session, contact me here. If you’re undecided, I can help you figure out which place will be most suited for you as a couple. Talk to you soon!

High Level Bridge

One of the more unique places to shoot, the High Level Bridge is a fascinating landmark that will make your engagement photos stand out from the crowd. What makes this bridge different than others is the brilliant lighting it has. It’s no ordinary street lamp lighting, either. Thanks to Light the Bridge campaign, it is covered in 60,000 LED bulbs! This ensures a dazzling shoot one would never forget.

Edmonton City Hall

Edmonton City Hall is an architectural masterpiece; a perfect backdrop that cultivates unique shots. The landmark is a one-of-a-kind, communal place open to the public, allowing professional photography shoots in 1.5 hour time slots that are very affordable. Its’ pyramid rooftops allow for excellent lighting while the inside is decorated with sections of pillars, staircases and other features for interesting sets. Outside there is a water fountain, too, making outdoor summer shoots splendid.

McKay School

This historical Edmonton engagement photography location is a precious gem found in downtown Edmonton, AB. Once a school built in 1906, it is now the Edmonton Public Schools Archive and Museum. It has a gazebo and well-kept grounds that are around the building. Inside are inspiring arched doorways and stone steps that will give a vintage and not-so-average engagement photo shoot. It is another location where architecture can play an interesting role in the background for you two that we can get creative with.

Union Bank Inn

Union Bank Inn makes for a great set for your engagement photography! If you’re going for the cool “downtown” look, the outdoor facade will deliver that exactly. If, in fact, you do decide to do your engagement photos here and hold your wedding here as well, it would be fun to reference certain pictures and poses taken during your engagement shoot while at the wedding!

Gallagher Park

Gallagher Park is most well-known as being the location for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. It is outdoors, so ideas for poses and places to go are endless. This park is known to contain many activities such as skiing, tobogganing, picnics and hanging out with the whole family. Options are plenty for fun, spontaneous props and scenes here. At night, we can get romantic couple shots of you and your fiancé over the sparkling city skyline.


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