Amara & Zubair’s Wedding In Edmonton, AB

Amara & Zubair’s Wedding | Edmonton, AB

Part of being someone’s wedding day is an amazing opportunity and I had the honor of photographing Zubair and Amara’s Pakistani Wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony that was filled with emotions and joy. The wedding took place at the Mirage Banquet Hall on 27th December 2015. It marked the last wedding that I did that year and what a glorious wedding it was.

Check out Zubair & Amara Engagement Session Right here that I photographed earlier in the fall.

Wedding Slideshow

Our weddings are usually completed with a viewing session with the couple where we share the edited photos in the form of a slideshow. This is the slideshow right here!

Here are some  other snippets fro the rest of the day:

Bride & Groom Getting Ready

This is where I and my second photographer started working with Zubair and Amara to capture some of the pre-ceremony photos. You can see as Zubair gets ready by ensuring that he looks strong and elegant for his bride while Amara goes through the process of Hair & Makeup to ensure she looks her best (which she absolutely did!). This couple bedazzled the crowd like no other.

edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-zubair-amaraedmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 2

You can also see some shenanigans going on with a console as the groomsmen and the groom partake in a “friendly” match. On the other hand, the bride and her sisters share an emotional moment as they put on the bridal “dupatta”. edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 3

Formals | Hotel Fairmont McDonal

Following the preparation Zubair and Amara braved the cold and went out for some wintery photos followed by some formal at the Hotel Fairmont McDonal, Edmonton, AB. This gave me the opportunity to photography this extremely photogenic couple in some classic romantic scenarios. You can see in the photo just below to the right that Zubair’s clothing got stuck in Amara’s Dupata and there was this brief shared moment that was timeless. edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 5

I love the candid photo right below the single shot of Amara where we can see her smiling through a staircase railing. edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 4edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 6

Ceremony: Mirage Banquet Hall

This is where we got to the ceremony venue where I got a chance to photograph Zubair as he entered. I love the photograph of him and his mother where they share this beautiful hug. 

edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 7

Cake Cutting | The Leaning Cake

I know this is a gorgeous cake and make it all of you hungry to look at it but this is also a great memory of the wedding! 10 years down the road when Amara & Zubair look at this photo they will remember their cake as the “Leaning Cake Of Pisa”. But regardless it was a beautiful and delicious cake!
edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 8

Ring Exchange | Snowy Lights!

This is where the bride and groom exchanged their rings and I found this wonderful snowy tree in the venue to photograph the rings against! Woho.. Look at the pretty shiny rings there..

edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 9

Fun & Games

This was hands down the second best part of the day (first one coming up soon!). This is where Zubair & Amara were quizzed about their favorite actors, sportsman and man did they know each other well. It was hilarious to watch as the crowd cheered each of them on! You can see the genuine laughter on their faces throughout the photos!
edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 10

Dancing | Bhangra Much?

Now it wouldn’t be your best friend if he didn’t prepare a dance number for your wedding would he? Well this couple got an awesome welcome to their married life by the group of their friends with a wonderful dance performance. edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 11Best Part of the Day | Jota Chupai

Remember I told you about the best part of the day? Well, this was it. This is where the bridesmaid (and brides sister) hid the show of the groom and held it hostage for a ransom. There were a lot of negotiations to get the important piece of clothing back but it wasn’t without its casualties (Zubair’s Pocket being one!). You can also see one of the wedding party members hiding a spray of those strings that were then later used to reduce the bid. As you can see the shoe itself did not survive the colorful attack.
edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 12

This was the end of the beautiful day where Amara left with Zubair for her new home and a new family was born. Hopefully I’ll get to see this couple in the future when they have their first baby 😉edmonton-wedding-photographer-pakistani-wedding-indian-wedding 13

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Wedding Photos Edmonton – Box Cube Photography © 2016

Zubair And Amara’s Wedding Details:

Date: 27th December 2015
Location:  Mirage Banquet Hall, Edmonton, AB
Photography by Sharyar Memon of Box Cube Photography
Hair and Makeup by Sheba LV MUA
Second Shooter: Jeremy Martel

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